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(Micro)Glia in development and disease

Research in the (micro)glEyo Lab is focused on understanding (micro)glial contributions in three research arms: (1) neural injury, (2) neuro-glio-vascular cell-cell interactions & function, plus (3) sexually dimorphic cell and animal behaviors. Our research is performed with a dual focus on (a) physiology and (b) pathology. In physiology, we seek to understand (i) developmental mechanisms as well as (ii) mechanisms employed in maturity and believe that this can inform our understanding of aberrations that occur in pathology. The pathological contexts of our investigations include mouse models of seizure disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

To accomplish our research goals, we employ a wide range of experimental approaches in a highly collaborative and diverse research environment. Our research approaches include in vivo and ex vivo two-photon acute, chronic and live imaging, confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, transcriptional assessments by RNA sequencing, immunohistochemistry, laser speckle imaging, animal models of seizures using transgenic mouse models. Our research is conducted by an intentionally international team of passionate scientists including a Principal Investigator (Dr. Ukpong Eyo), several postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, laboratory technicians, undergraduate students and high school affiliates. Our team members come from different ethnic ancestries on four continents, have a wealth of prior training in various academic disciplines and have rich aspirations for their future careers. You can learn more about our team members here


409 Lane Road MR4 Room 6144, Charlottesville, VA 22903

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